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SEEKING: Laptops for temporary use for hacknight participants


(Carl V. Lewis) #1

The Launchpad event coming up April 13th is BYOD (‘bring your own device’). That said, there likely will be attendees present who don’t own a laptop (theoretically, any smart phone or tablet will work as well, but not as efficiently).

Seeking from community:

Does anyone have an extra old laptop that attendees who don’t have a laptop could use for the evening to access Google Sheets and perform data searches on the web with?

Alternatively, does anyone have extra Apple :apple: keyboards that could sync with iPads?

Please let us know as we want everyone to be able to participate, and there isn’t currently a lab-type infrastructure for attendees to use desktop machines.

(Carl V. Lewis) #2

Running Tally of Those Who Can Provide a Loaner Machine

  • Randal Humphries - :heavy_check_mark: (one, Windows OS)
  • Carl V. Lewis - :heavy_check_mark: (one, MacBook Pro 2013; one iPad 2 w/ Bluetooth keyboard)
  • Luke Golden - :heavy_check_mark: (one, ASUS Zenbook, Win10; one Apple bluetooth keyboard EXTRA)

(Carl V. Lewis) #5

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(Carl V. Lewis) #6