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SavBook.io Project Briefing, Specs, Etc


(Carl V. Lewis) #1

Why this project?

We received nearly 40 ideas for civic-tech projects to take on as a group at our Kickoff Event last month – which is awesome, but we obviously can’t expect to tackle all of them right off the bat. :sos: So, we decided to reach for a project we felt like had merit and was also ‘low-hanging :banana: fruit’ that could involve a large group of people of different skillsets.

Brigade member Nick Helmholdt, of the Metropolitan Planning Commission, suggested that it might be handy for users to have an easy, accessible way to connect with neighborhood resources.

It just so happened that a similar project called CityBook.io had been recently let loose in the wild by Code for America.

Our goal is to fork that existing project and make it useful for Savannahians.

Project preliminary resources

(Carl V. Lewis) #2

Starter spreadsheet of neighborhood association contacts:

(Carl V. Lewis) #3

@lukegolden has volunteered to be the Project Lead for this. :airplane:

(Carl V. Lewis) #4

And MIchael Devane and Rob Lingle have expresed interest in also helping be project leads, too.

(Luke Golden) #5

Looking forward to collaborating on this together!

(Carl V. Lewis) #6

NOTE: This is an import from Dropbox Paper that may be of additional use.

:house: City of Savannah Neighborhood :speech_balloon: Associations - Contacts, FB Groups

Open Savannah, Feb. 2017

This list may not be up-to-date, but is a starting point for conducting community research on unmet needs. Unless otherwise noted, all phone numbers begin with area code 912 .

2016 CONTACT LIST IS HERE, complete with President, phone, email, meeting times and locations (thanks, @Josef S**–is that the same thing as I have in a spreadsheet below?)**

NOTE TO BRIGADE MEMBERS: After you have contacted or attempted contact with one of these individuals, please highlight the text for their entry, then add a brief comment like this confirming you’ve talked to them. This is to avoid duplicate calls.

Update: @Nick H from the Metropolitan Planning Commission emailed this to me the other day. It probably has more up-to-date information. -CVL

Neighborhood Improvement Association

(912) 447-5577 csmoot@niacdc.org http://www.niacdc.org/

Ardsley Park Ardis Wood, 236-1886 Neighborhood Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ardsleyparkopenchat/

Baldwin Park Leigh Mesco, 232-8928

Beach Institute David Bates, 651-3329 (https://www.facebook.com/Beach-Institute-168014664740/?hc_ref=SEARCH) Beach neighborhood https://www.facebook.com/Beach-Historic-Neighborhood-189859646368/?ref=br_rs

Benjamin Van Clark Park A. Hagans, unpublished number benvanclarkpark2016@yahoo.com.

Cann Park Charlene Gibbons, 239-0405

Carver Heights Essie Richards, 232-4689 Carver Heights Community Center FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carver-Heights-Community-Center/1682148022032632

Cloverdale Timothy Mackey, 232-6688

Cuyler/Brownsville Olivia Swanson, 238-0969

Dixon Park W. John Mitchell, 238-0324

Downtown Stephanie Jackel, 233-5943

East Savannah Ella Harmon, 232-0395

East Victorian District Linda Larry, 233-1529

Eastside Concerned Citizens Freddie Patrick, 236-8201

Feiler Terrace Willie Sapp, 233-7170

Fellwood Homes Vanessa Hymon, no phone

Gordonston Jackie Ogden, 233-0927

Historic District Sarah Barto, 232-3855

Holly Heights Clementina Clealand, 353-8322

Hudson Hill Walter Reed, 234-5034

Jackson Park Chester McKinney, 236-1464

Liberty City, Summerside, Southover, Richfield Ernestine Jones, 232-3270

Live Oak Jernell Ferguson, 233-8771

Magnolia Park

Metropolitan Suzanne Jackson, 233-8177

Midtown VerLynda Slaughter, 234-8234

Oakland Park Anne Wickham, unlisted number

Ogeechee/Dawes Avenue Kathy Brooks, 233-6562

Parkside James Delorme, unlisted number

Pine Gardens Bill Reese, 233-7370

Sunset Park Robert Culver, 351-9984

Sylvan Terrace Thomas Ellis, unlisted number

Tatemville Janette Scott, 355-0105

Thomas Square Virginia Mobley, 238-9972

Tremont Park Samuel Cooper, 234-2973

Twickenham Patricia Dufour, 234-4874

Unity in the Community Carl Gilliard, 355-6875

Victory Heights Felix Maher, 352-0546

Waters Avenue Business Association Rosemary Banks, 356-2243

Water Avenue Corridor Brenda Walker, 233-0809

Windsor Forest John Murphy, 925-6122

West Savannah Kenneth Dunham, 236-9058

Woodville Albert Bryan, 964-8146

Yamacraw Village Gertrude Addison, no phone

(Carl V. Lewis) #7

PS – @lukegolden, @Mddevane and Rob. I added a chat widget to this category if it’d help you all brainstorm. Of course, you can also always create a Slack channel for that, too, but sometimes it’s helpful to have everything a bit more structured.