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Public Safety Review


(Carl V. Lewis) #1

Here’s a script that may help us to match up census blocks to neighborhood precincts from SCMPD: https://www.statalist.org/forums/forum/general-stata-discussion/general/1294523-new-on-ssc-match-geographic-locations-to-shapefile-polygons-using-geoinpoly

Here’s the GeoJSON polygon data for SCMPD precincts (map viewable):

(Kevinsagis) #2

Hi Carl, okay, I reviewed the other thread. Yes I can see there are issues with vendors and records data. And that Metro PD generalizes crime location (so as not to pinpoint an address ie personal identifying info). So this script is based on Stata. (I have not used) So, I guess it would be a server-side calculation for point-in-poly, and would it then be served back out on MapBox API, Google API etc?