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Project Status Update: 'Track-a-Cat' 🚌

(Carl V. Lewis) #1

Hi Brigade! :bus:

For our next meetup, we’ll be having a more nuts-and-bolts hacknight and working in tandem with CAT planners and IT staff to build a framework and plan to implement real-time tracking in CAT’s trolley line.

So… I’m moving this project from ‘Proposed’ to ‘Active.’

We’ve got a GitHub repository set up. Here’s the project page on GitHub. Here’s the project page on opensavannah.org.

@brianontheroad is project lead. Comment on this topic if you’d like to be a contributor.

@grant.sparks and @bkoupal from CAT are on board and will be at the event on May 11.

(Carl V. Lewis) #2

Hey @grant.sparks or @bkoupal – can one of you two fill out this form from Google so that they can begin the process of setting up a real-time feed of the GTFS? https://support.google.com/transitpartners/contact/provide_live_updates

One of us could, but it asks for some information we don’t have handy.

(Carl V. Lewis) #3

So the awesome Sarah Walters has offered to help with the design bits of this.

(Carl V. Lewis) #4

We now own the domain trackacat.org. Boom. $6.99

(morrell136) #5

I would very much like to be on board. I will be present Thursday. I’ve noticed in the GitHub repo that Jekyll theme was present is that the direction we are headed in ?

(Carl V. Lewis) #6

No, @morrell136, that was for a landing page. We’re going to let our direction be dictated by discussion Thurs. night. Will you be able to make it?

(Carl V. Lewis) #7

Duh, just read you were coming. Great!

(morrell136) #8

I figured, think the duh is on me though couldn’t possibly see how ssg would be adequate for this endeavor. Looking forward to working with you guys.