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How might we activate potential civically-interested technologists and problem-solvers at local colleges and Universities?


(Carl V. Lewis) #1

Discuss. Suggest. Recommend.

(Kevin Lawver) #2


  • The ACM at Armstrong is pretty active. I’d also reach out to their political science department.
  • Savannah State has a CS program as well. Ping Joe Steffen maybe?
  • Georgia Southern is a little far away, but they have CS and IT departments that are both pretty active and might be interested.
  • Start with the career services department at all three of those schools and they’ll most likely point you in the right direction.

I’ve had hit or miss luck getting college students to do things. When we’ve hosted RailsBridge at Armstrong, we’ve gotten great participation. When it’s other places? Not so much.

(Roy) #3

Armstrong also has the Center for Applied Cyber Education. Their director laments that there is not more engagement between them and those Savannah proper. I’ve sat down with him about Operation Code, so he may be willing to entertain openSav.

(Carl V. Lewis) #4

Have also been in email contact with him, and I believe he’s on Slack. Roy, you should arrange something! :wink: