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Four Things to Know About Tonight's Civic Launchpad

(Carl V. Lewis) #1

“No other expertise can substitute for locality knowledge.” -Jane Jacobs.

Hi gang–

For those of you who can make it to tonight’s Civic Launchpad, where we’ll be building an app to connect residents with local resources, we can’t wait to see you! For those of you who can’t, it’s okay, don’t worry: We might forgive you.

Mellow Mushroom and drinks will be ready at 5:30 p.m., so if you can make it out just a tad earlier than the scheduled 6 p.m., that’ll give you time to eat and socialize before we start.

This event is BYOD (‘bring your own device’), so if you own a laptop, please endeavor to bring it along with you as well as the power adapter. If you don’t own a laptop, we’ll have a few extra on hand just in case or – worst case scenario – you can theoretically contribute using a tablet or mobile phone.

(p.s. – if you just so happen to have an extra old laptop, we’d be thrilled if you brought it with you for someone else to use!)

Don’t forget your most important asset: your ability for creative problem-solving! Although only those who feel comfortable will be working with code, the content and data entry will require both some thinking-on-feet and locality knowledge of Savannah.

T-shirts, stickers and swag, oh my! While we’ve only received a sample batch of t-shirts that we’ll be giving out via raffle, the shirts are totally rad, and if you don’t get one tonight, you’ll get a chance soon. If you’d like a shirt, however, we do kindly ask that you chip in $10 via our Meetup.com page (https://meetup.com/opensavannah) to help offset the costs until we’re able to secure local sponsors, besides what funding we get from Code for America. BUT WE DO HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF STICKERS! And we’ll have plenty to eat and drink, too. Oh, and most importantly, we’ll have fun building something that matters.

Join us, won’t you?