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Deployment of Open 311 reporting demo app -- could be useful for crowdsource reporting of, say, pedestrian/cyclist danger spots


(Carl V. Lewis) #1

The demo I set up is here: http://bit.ly/open311sav

The City at this point seems as though it may already have its eyes on an enterprise vendor for the official 311 system reporting –– despite having mentioned it as an area we could help with earlier.

That said, the civic use-cases for this setup are numerous. The first that comes to mind is mobile users (pedestrians and cyclists) snapping photos and creating geolocated reports of dangerous intersections/crosswalks/sidewalks across the City, an issue that has repeatedly been raised by the Bicycle Campaign and others in the community.

We would just configure the setup a tad differerently to tailor it for that use-case.

(Carl V. Lewis) #2

Or, for an another possible use-case much in line with the Mayor’s agenda: blight reporting.

(Carl V. Lewis) #3

Tagging @NHelmholdt.

(Nick Helmholdt) #4

Any nuisance issue could be a potential application of this app: noise, litter, overgrown lawn, building disrepair, &c. How difficult would it be to build in SMS updates? (i.e. if I report a problem, the app will send me a text when it’s been addressed.) Will this demo allow me to see what other people have reported into the system already? Maybe I spotted a major hazard (look at the telephone pole at E 35th & Drayton for a good example :wink: ) but somebody beat me to the punch. If that feature is supported, could we allow other users to boost it through an “upvote” or “+1” sort of system?

This may be a whole separate matter, but what do you think of possibly integrating this with development applications, rezoning petitions & other assorted land use actions? Perhaps a user could log in and then see that their neighbor wants to get a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals to make some modification to her home.

Thanks for tagging me, I am curious to see how this shakes out.